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Volvo N10

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This is a kit I've wanted for a while. I recently was able to nab one at a not-too-terrible price.

The diecast frame gave me pause, but it turns out to be a minor matter. The diecast front spindles were useless and replaced with new ones fabricated from styrene.20190701_195639.thumb.jpg.4b292cb6e6197603bc573a3bd77eb0ba.jpg

The tractor will be weathered to resemble a semi-retired rig, no pun intended. Much of the hit chrome has been stripped.


The metal frame has eight pins, meant to protrude through corresponding holes in the bumper to simulate bolt heads. Things didn't quite line up, so the pins were filed off and replaced by heads cut from straight pins.

More building and detailing to come....


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The engine is in. Not much will be visible once the cab is on but I have it some weathering. I tried Vallejo pigments for the first time and I'm reasonably happy.


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On 7/3/2019 at 1:56 PM, Jetdriver69 said:

Nice weathering.  Have you built armor before?

Just the right amount of rust and wear is an art form.


I have not, but I have a few military kits I want to get around to sometime.

This one is a done deal, Showroom pics coming soon. 

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