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Chariots of Fire

Some of my latest fire apparatus builds

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First one is a 1954 Maxim 750 pumper.  Brass frame and springs, Renshape fenders, brass hood and cab doors, nickel plated brass bumper, photoetch grill screen, plastic for cab and body.


1967 International Loadstar brush truck.  Cab master made from a 1953 Ford kit cab.  Bar work is combination of brass rods and plastic rods.  Body and all details scratch built.  Tires are resin castings from a 3D printed master.  Decals are ALPS printed.112.thumb.JPG.ebf0dbb972615bc8837e2c2838c3cad4.JPG

Class 325 WW II pumper based on a 1941 Chevy 1.5 ton 4x4 chassis.  Chevy kit cab was modified to fit resin cast hood, hood sides and fenders.  The body of the front mounted pump is based on a turned aluminum master.  All other pump parts are tubing, and craft wire.  Body is scratch built along with all of the details including the pump cans, stacked buckets and suction hose.  The hose in the bed is stained sewing elastic.


This one isn't fire related but it is one of the latest builds.  I started with a '53 Ford cab and reconfigured it to look like an IH Loadstar.  Renshape was used to make the fenders.  Dave Natale at AITM has the master and has added it to his series of conversion kits.  This is a first pop of his castings that I added a dump body to and a snow plow frame that could easily have been used by any number of municipal highway departments in the country.


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I always enjoy watching your builds come together, fantastic work on all of them. They always look as though you could hop in, turn the key, and go. Beautiful stuff.

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