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Peterbilt 379

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Finally done with this project.  I had to stretch the frame, customize the sleeper roof, build the APU, right side auxiliary step and fire extinguisher holder.  

Cut out the grill screen and glue in 19 separate louvers, make the chrome trim around the cab and sleeper.  Find and install the 4 bugle horns below the left air cleaner, modify the the cab entrance steps, wire the engine and customize the cab interior. 

Not to mention the hours it took to fit the resin 379 long hood to a Revell 378 kit.  It took quite a bit longer than I thought it would.

I also made the the base out of trim from Lowes and a piece of white poplar as the base, strained to the same color as the wood floors in the cab.  There is an acrylic cover that I had made to protect the whole thing.

As this is my first truck model, I'm sure there are plenty of flaws and some parts aren't strictly to scale.  But what do you expect for no labor costs, you gets what you pay for. 😁









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Metal ones off eBay. $20 if I remember right.

Had to cut them to get the right angle.  The heat guards are very thin polished aluminum sheet with left over hand rails from a second Revell kit.

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I didn't even notice that I glued down the 5th wheel backwards.  Duh!

Only held down with a drop of super glue, easily fixed.

The new owner loves it.  His Christmas present from his kids.

I have no idea how many hours I have in her, but a fun and challenging build.

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The real truck has a hood ornament from a 1931 Cadillac on the radiator grill.

I bought a partial kit of the Caddy in 1/24 scale on eBay just for the ornament. 

Probably the most expensive piece of tiny plastic ever...but I think it is one of the coolest accents and the owner really wanted one if possible. 

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