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Easy GPS unit for modern trucks

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With all the new tech put on newer semi's the one thing missing that is most visible on a model is the GPS saucer. Less than a 1/2 hour I made up a half dozen for my Mobius International buils. .I use the dish shaped plastic seal from the 1/2 gallon juice containers, either 5 minute epoxy or the stick epoxy. The 5 minute gives less air voids. After it cures I sand the bottom flat and glue a 015 plastic disc to the bottom with CA glue. Sand the sides flat and take a piece of square tubing cut at a 45 degree and glue to botton to make the cab mount.

  Here is a photo  how to.   Thanks for looking.   Paul





All mounted up with the cable run under the cab.  



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 Here is a photo  how to.  

I can't get thew photos to open. Could you repost them. Thanks.

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