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Transtar II day cab

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This was a kit I got off eBay that was supposedly "slightly started". It looked like they'd used a whole tube of glue just building the chassis and engine. I ended up just cutting off the rear half of the frame and throwing it in the trash. I found a Cummins engine in the parts box, and cut the cab down to a day cab. The front axle was broken off on each side of the front springs, so I repaired it and reinforced it with a steel axle from an old AMT kit. I'm not sure what I'm going with as far as livery, but leaning toward Garrett, as I used to drive an old day cab like this that was a retired Garrett tractor. When I drove it, it had been converted to a mobile home toter. So that's another possibility.





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Mobile home hauler was the first thing I thought of with the severely bobbed off frame!xD

I did a day cab of this model back in the late 70's. Unfortunately my wife's brothers got into out stuff stored in their garage and trashed a lot of built kits.

Hope they can see their way to repop this kit someday soon!

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