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1975 Diamond Reo Raider

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Basic buildup of the AMT kit with an old AITM hood and bumper. Wheels from the White Frieghliner Dual Drive were used, along with smoke stacks from a snap KW. Door handles were updated to the pushbutton type by using handles from a Revell '64 Chevy pickup. Paint is Chrysler Intense Blue Pearl was used for paint. The decals (the driver's side door graphic silvered on me >:() came from the original 1999 issue of the Revell '41 Chevy pickup.

All in all, pretty pleased with how it turned out. 





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Did a few updates yesterday, after the model was damaged a few months ago. I added some bumper bolts, and cut in come fog lights. I also added a spot light and did quite a bit of re-foiling... I still need to do some more touch up there, like on the driver's side headlight bezel. I also added some thin vertical bars to the grille, eventually I might make up the diamonds to go down the center of the grille. 


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