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HO Scale Models

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I'm not much into scale railroading, but Athearn makes some really great stuff in HO (1:87) scale.


Here are a couple of 1961-1969 Ford F-850's. On the left is a stake bed done in the Baltimore & Ohio railroad livery. The J. Fisher Concrete chain-drive mixer is even more impressive! The two segments on the end of the spout detach, and the uppermost one folds up, much like a real one would. The drum even rotates.


Being a big fan of the C-Series, I also have many of the vans and tractors. The Bowey's and Old Colony tractor/trailers share the same single-axle beverage trailer, but the trailers used in the CF and Roadway versions are different. The two vans are also the same basic truck aside from the markings- the Kalmbach Publishing truck has Budd-type wheels, while the winery van has spokes. 

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Best part is, they take up very little room. You can fit about 30 of these in the "footprint" cast on the shelf by, say, a stock-wheelbase  AMT 352 Pacemaker. xD

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