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Welcome to MTB.com



As you can see we are just getting started but with some behind the scenes work from the MTB staff and little help from you, we hope to make CHN the go to web site for the truck modeling community!


Since we are asking for “a little help” from you, we thought it only fair that explain why there is room in the truck modeling community for a new site and what our plans are for the site.


As you browse the web, you will find a few modeling magazine websites, some individual truck builder websites and several social media website relating to model truck building.  We have been visiting them for years and they each have merit.  However, they do have their drawbacks.   Magazine websites predominately focus on models other than trucks and typically have a small truck section at best, individual truck builder sites are most often centered around one builder and do not allow others to join the fun, and with social media sites it can be very difficult to impossible to find old user posts.  We are not looking to replace these sites and we realize that it would be impossible to offer everything that they do collectively.  However, we do intend provide many of the same options and most importantly, we hope to provide several that they do not.


MTB will focus solely on model trucks.  While many details are still to be ironed-out, below are several of the features we intend to provide.


  • Registered members will be allowed to create and reply to posts in the forums, participate in live chat, send private messages to other members, view/download gallery images, view/download hosted files, more.   
  •        Forums: finished model show room, WIP workbench, tips and tricks, reference discussion, general discussion and more. 
  •        Galleries: model truck gallery, reference image gallery and more.
  •        Downloads: Kit instructions, decal designs, and more.
  •        Personal Blogs for those who wish to chronicle their builds.
  •        Personal Gallery for those who wish to show off their WIP/finished project images.
  •        And you guessed it, much more…


  • Based on the info above, we hope that you will jump in, join the fun and help us grow MTB.com.  Please visit frequently, join the discussion and tell your friends to
  • stop by for a visit!




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