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  1. A64B

    1973 Diamond Reo C116

    Thanks Paul Hope to get some more done this week
  2. A64B

    1973 Diamond Reo C116

    Painted and test fit the sleeper. I’ve had this sleeper since 1988. Enjoy the pics
  3. A64B

    1967 Diamond T DAKAR Rally Truck

    Looks good! I was just looking at real truck yesterday keep it going
  4. A64B

    1973 Diamond Reo C116

    Yeah me too I’m just 50 but I still need to be a little younger This September I’ll be driving 30 years I don’t think I could handle that right now
  5. A64B

    1973 Diamond Reo C116

    Thanks Doc. The real one looked good also. Something about a Root Beer Brown Diamond Reo and a Autocar I like
  6. A64B

    New Member

    Thanks Doc.for the warm welcome. Hope to get some more going soon
  7. A64B

    Autocar logger

    Dr. Is it going to be next? I have a DC tractor almost done I think it will be next up. I like how you reversed the logger stripe.
  8. A64B

    Autocar logger

    Great looking Acar Doc. Of course I’m kind parcel to them
  9. A64B

    Bison Port Container Shuttle

    Nice little calf Bison you did a great job
  10. A64B

    "Food Lion" Brockway 457 Daycab

    Brian thats a sharp Brockway I like the interior and all around the truck Beautiful build as always
  11. A64B

    1973 Diamond Reo C116

    Paul i stretched the frame about 1 1/2 inch using the same frame rails in the kit. So Diamond Reo is coming back? Have you seen the new Autocar? Thanks for stopping by
  12. A64B

    New Member

    Paul and Sam thanks for the warm welcome.
  13. A64B

    1973 Diamond Reo C116

    Thanks guys. Sam yes it does and it feels good to work on something in the “White” family. Paul I would like to see Your Diamond Reo Heres a update. I put the cab lights on and highlighted them and the air cleaner top with my Motolow chrome pen. Black washed the grill and painted the emblems. I added a right turn signal have to find one for the right. Going to call it a night more updates soon
  14. This is a build I stopped back in 2003 when my dad passed away with cancer. I just bought a Real 1.1 Diamond Reo c114 to restore. The truck I bought I grew up around and in 1994 I drove it for a short time. I remember the truck being Root Beer Brown when I was a kid. I want to paint my 1.1 truck back to the Brown paint I remembered but was unsure so dad asked if had any models left of the Diamond Reo I said yes and went to work on it but stopped because he kept getting more sick due to the cancer so I had to focus on taking care of him and never touched it till the other day.The Engine is a 250 Cummins with a 13 Speed transmission like the one I owned Enjoy the pics. There maybe some water droplets on it I just washed it before I took the pics
  15. A64B

    New Member

    Hi my name is Lee Drennen.I’ve been building Models for over 40yrs of all kinds I’m the younger brother of Bill Drennen. If you been building truck models for awhile you who he is. I’m not near as good of a Model builder as he is but I just enjoy building mostly box stock. I enjoy building all scales. Thanks for having me