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  1. Thanks for the complement guys
  2. Thanks for the complement guys
  3. This is a AITM Mack B67 I've painted and decaled in Roadway Express. The frame and wheels are from the AMT Mack R the tanks I got from AITM this is what I've got done so far. Enjoy the pics
  4. I build this back in 1989 a few parts are missing and the glass has aged but I still enjoy the old truck
  5. Paul. thanks I love those east coast paint schemes Dave. thanks for the compliment. yes it does have some History I have also had the truck since 2003. I'll be glad to finish this one
  6. Thanks Doc Thanks Sam. Hope to get some more done this weekend
  7. Thanks Doc yes I really need to get the old girl back in shape and going to shows. Here’s a couple pic of her
  8. Thanks Doc I put the bed on yesterday
  9. A64B

    Mack R685ST

    Liking that frame
  10. A64B

    Got room for another Mack?

    Can’t go wrong with a old R Mack looking good
  11. A64B

    Transtar high cab.

    Very nice reminds me of my old Transtar I use to own back in the day
  12. A64B

    My new project 1970's style

    Yes looking great so far
  13. This is a old AMT Autocar DC I’ve had for about 16yrs always undecided what till make till last winter. I decided to make it a Dump truck. I took my brother Bill’s old bed he gave me back around 1986 and re-do it. Bill bought a new AMT Autocar Dump Truck when it first came out in 1972. He painted the neighbors fence to buy it of course I helped I was 3yrs old. The cab shied and front was bad so I replaced it with a Ertl one I had. Here’s some pics of the bed and truck in progress.
  14. Thanks Sam it was a fun build I have a few more 1/32 I need to finish