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  1. Sam I am

    Paystar Tractor Restoration

    Good, because I am working on one of those as well. 😄 The view...
  2. Sam I am

    Mack Terrapro

    There is just something about red and black... 😍
  3. Sam I am

    Paystar Tractor Restoration

    Glad you like yellow because I also have this in a box of trailer parts....and I have never done a wooden deck...
  4. Sam I am

    Paystar Tractor Restoration

    So I think I figured out what direction I am going with this finally. The dump box really wasn't working for me, so I am putting a fifth wheel on it, changing out the wheels and tires, maybe modifying the front bumper, and oh yea, it's going to be yellow.
  5. Sam I am

    Another New Member

    Hey DJ, glad to se you!
  6. Sam I am

    Transtar 4300 restoration

    Start a wip, I would love to see it. So I now have the cab and chassis sorted, and thanks to a fellow builder, the missing steering column and a new set of air horns.
  7. Sam I am


    I really like that Lonestar day cab.
  8. Sam I am

    Autocar logger

    Love it! The color combo really sets it off.
  9. Sam I am

    Chevrolet Titan

    Thanks everyone! Jim, I dont think the house is big enough for a diorama. 😄
  10. This one I started yesterday. Another well built old build. Almost no paint or glue. In just a few hrs I had it pretty much blown apart. Now I have to figure out what color I want it. 😁
  11. The second one is this Watkins Kenworth. Another well built older build up that was in a pile of parts. Fortunately the half a dozen or so missing parts I had in my parts boxes. I have the chassis finished and added some wash to the grille and HD high beams.
  12. I have a few restorations going from old built ups that I traded/ebayed over the years. This one was highly modified with a stretched frame, scratch built sleeper, different engine with wiring, custom painted stripes including hand painted pinstripes, and a fully articulating rear suspension. It has been a challenge to restore.
  13. Sam I am

    Chevrolet Titan

    This is my second ever big rig built. Five years apart from each other...and both Chevies. The Bison was a joy to build but the Titan fought me the whole way. Still need to find some generic company door logos for both of them.
  14. Sam I am

    Mack B83SX & Lowboy

    Drop deck gorgeous!
  15. Sam I am

    Another newbie

    Thanks guys ! If this is my only addiction, I can live with it. 😄