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  1. Dr. Kerry

    Kenworth and Steer Car

    Steer car with paint and tow bar.. I’m not totally sure I like this color on it yet!!??
  2. Dr. Kerry

    Mack Terrapro

    Looking good so far Paul, keep up the good work!!
  3. Dr. Kerry

    So Whatcha workin' on???

    Very nice Marmon Paul!!! I bet it's fun to drive!!
  4. Dr. Kerry

    So Whatcha workin' on???

    Very kool, can't wait to see what you're building!!! What do you drive OTR Paul? I'm working on getting my CDL as we speak and hopefully after work today will yield my permit. My friend of over 45 years owns his own company and has been after me to get licensed so I can drive for him. He knows I treat equipment well and fix stuff right, unlike some of his drivers, one that raked the right side fuel tank on something, didn't look at it and parked it back at Eric's house to drip and run out half a tank of fuel onto the ground... UGH!
  5. Dr. Kerry

    So Whatcha workin' on???

    Hope everyone will be at the bench this up coming weekend!! I know I plan on it after not being able to last weekend... I'll be working on my steer car and tow rig for it...
  6. Dr. Kerry

    So Whatcha workin' on???

    Really?? Now that is something I'd never think of!! Very kool!!
  7. Dr. Kerry

    Here are some of my favorites:

    WOW, impressive work there!!! Love the Oops under the bridge. I see that all to often on my way to or from work at a 12' 8" train bridge.. Peel 'em back!!!
  8. Dr. Kerry

    New Guy

    Awesome work!!!! WOW!!!
  9. Dr. Kerry

    So Whatcha workin' on???

    LOL, Yes me do!!!!! I didn't work on anything, sicker than a dog all weekend!!! BLAH!!!!
  10. Dr. Kerry

    Class 325 Version 2 is complete

    He will enjoy having that for sure!!!
  11. Dr. Kerry

    why trucks?

    Lol, must........ have.......... MORE!!!!!!!!!
  12. Dr. Kerry

    Class 325 Version 2 is complete

    Beautiful work as always!!! True craftsmanship!!
  13. Dr. Kerry

    So Whatcha workin' on???

    Like the color on it Dave!!
  14. Dr. Kerry

    So Whatcha workin' on???

    As we approach the weekend, what are you workin' on this weekend of March 16th and 17th? I'll be at work tomorrow but I'm planning on working on my Detroit 8V powered salt flat 50 Chevy pickup and my Steer car and Kenworth...
  15. Dr. Kerry

    why trucks?

    I bow to you Model Master!!!!! LOL, I have right around 500, not to far behind ya... I don't have room to catch up to you either so no worries there!! LOL