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  1. Dr. Kerry

    Kenworth and Steer Car

    Dolly as of now... Still have a few things to do to it yet...
  2. Dr. Kerry

    Pete 378 and lowboy

    Very nice!!! Working class rig all the way around!! That low boy sure is a beaut!!!
  3. Dr. Kerry

    Just joined

    Can't wait to see what ya build... Ya have to be safe these days!! From everything, especially stupid drivers!!
  4. Dr. Kerry

    Just joined

    Welcome aboard, can’t wait to see whatcha build Bully!! Keep it between the ditches and rubber side down!! Had a serious accident up near me a couple weeks ago in Milwaukee! Be safe!!
  5. Dr. Kerry

    TMC Pete with Mercury sleeper

    Thank you!!
  6. Dr. Kerry

    Kenworth and Steer Car

    Dolly in paint and tires and wheels starting to go on now... Auslowe Resin wheels! Kenworth May be painted like the Pete or I’m thinking about building it like my friends W9. Either way the dolly will look good behind any truck!
  7. Dr. Kerry

    Part Box Louisville

    Looking really good!! Like the color on it!!!
  8. Dr. Kerry

    Kenworth and Steer Car

    LOL, hopefully she'd turn easier!!! New wall? May need a new room!!! This is pretty long and it won't be displayed at home with the beam. The steer car will be on the hitch on the dolly when home!! Thank you Paul!
  9. Dr. Kerry

    Kenworth and Steer Car

    Been getting a lot done on this and realized I haven’t posted progress pics here! Ugh 😑 Dolly is mostly together now. Getting ready for paint, wheels for it we’re painted tonight. Load is roughed in and needs bracing put in on it.. Brake lines and air lines on dolly.. Ahh! Who’s that ugly mug in the background!!??? Lol
  10. Dr. Kerry

    1966 Ford F100

    Lol! I hear ya there! I have the same ocd tendencies and they are VERY hard to curb!!!
  11. Dr. Kerry

    New to the forum

    Welcome aboard Bob!! Glad to have ya here and can't wait to see what ya build!!
  12. Dr. Kerry

    1966 Ford F100

    Great start!!
  13. Dr. Kerry

    C cab hot rod

    Very KOOL!!!!!!!
  14. Dr. Kerry

    Pete 378 based hot rod

    Now that is kool as HECK!!!!!! Kustoms are always Kooooooollllllllllll
  15. Dr. Kerry

    New Member

    Koolness, can't wait to see more from ya!!!