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  1. Tbill

    CF set up

    This took forever to finish, first cab broke my stones , so it got boxed for quite some time, then they reissued this kit, so I bought one just to get another shot at the cab, took about 3 years to finally complete it. Not as good as I would have liked it to turn out , but ya get a clunker every now and again.
  2. Did this one awhile ago, paint job was a happy accident.
  3. Tbill

    Another newbie

    Welcome to another familiar ‘face’😎. Ya, I have more rig kits than I’ll ever build, but, better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it....( ya, I have a plastic addiction....)
  4. Tbill

    New from pa

    Welcome, good to see we are all finding our way here😎
  5. Tbill

    Class 325 Version 2 is complete

    I’ll admit, I may not always post in your topics, but I always look at them. Your skills and level of detail just blows me away on all of your builds. Another fantastic build, always a pleasure to follow and to absorb the finished product.
  6. Tbill

    Pete 352 and lowboy

    Thanks everyone, and I do seem to have a flair for color combo’s, lol. I usually start every build by painting the body first , once I figure the colors and get it in paint, it keeps me motivated to finish the build.
  7. Tbill

    why trucks?

    I’m a hoarder I suppose, lol. Going to NNL east in April, so I’m sure the stash will grow a bit here shortly ......
  8. Tbill

    why trucks?

    Yeah, I’m around 800+ kits.....
  9. Tbill

    Kenworth and Steer Car

    That’s just too cool!
  10. Tbill

    why trucks?

    Lol, sometimes it’s 4, sometimes it’s 6 or more...., my name is tom, and I’m a plastic addict......( and I didn’t even show the car/pick up hoard)
  11. Tbill

    Western Star 4964

    Oob , doing for an online thing at another site, making good progress. Pairing it with an AMT flatbed.
  12. Tbill

    1978 Mack U-Model "Overnight"

    Another great build off your bench, fantastic job!
  13. Another one a few years old, paired with a ‘Double Take Replicas’ flatbed.
  14. Oob with custom trailer logo, brown and green color combo and service lines from AITM. Thanks for looking.
  15. Tbill

    Aussie KW

    Mostly box stock, used different wheels and tires.
  16. Tbill

    KW wrecker

    Another build that’s a couple years old.
  17. Tbill

    Hello everyone, new kid on the block here

    Welcome aboard, nice to see some more familiar faces here 😎
  18. Tbill

    Road boss

    Another old one..
  19. Few years old now, paired with a ‘Double Take Replicas’ lowboy.
  20. Built this a few years ago,
  21. Tbill

    TMC Pete with Mercury sleeper

    Looking good Doc, good to see you here😎
  22. Tbill

    Western Star 4964

    Finished it this past weekend
  23. Tbill

    Western Star 4964

    Yes and yes. And thanks, got the rest of the decals on the rig,
  24. Tbill

    Western Star 4964

    Much progress on this build in the past week or so,