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  1. Jetdriver69

    C Cab panel truck hot rod

    In progress with a 1929 C Cab panel truck. Highly modified from the original and in about 1/15 scale so it is quite large. About the only thing that came from a kit was some left over Pete 378 frame from the Revell kit. The rest was scratch built using sheet styrene and parts off a Muscle Machine 1/18 scale die cast car. Decals are custom printed on Testors paper with the white parts left in white gloss primer to let the brightness pop through the decals. I will post some more once I get the engine, fuel tank and radiator installed.
  2. Jetdriver69

    K.W. COE Hot Rod

    Must have one big case as that bad boy is long... Nicely done!
  3. Jetdriver69

    Volvo N10

    Nice weathering. Have you built armor before? Just the right amount of rust and wear is an art form.
  4. Jetdriver69

    C cab hot rod

    Started this 1/18 scale 1929 C cab panel truck hot rod a few weeks ago. It will be over 13 inches long when finished and painted in KC Chiefs colors. Use the left over frame from a Peterbilt 378 kit and the rear end section of a 1/18 scale Muscle Machine coupe die cast toy. Also using the Hemi engine, rear and front clip and tires from the Muscle Machine coupe. Eventually I will bend aluminum tube headers for the engine, build a front glass frame and install the roof. The body is completely scratch using sheet styrene and the bench seat is craved from balsa with plastic half round inserts to simulate a tuck and roll. I will coat the balsa with many coats of gloss poly before shooting it gloss black. Anyway, will post more as I work on it.
  5. Jetdriver69

    1966 Ford F100

    Very cool, a great start for your project.
  6. Jetdriver69

    Pete 378 based hot rod

    Im in the middle of a 1920's C Cab panel truck that is almost all custom. Just using part of the frame from the 378 Pete and some chrome parts from another 1/18 scale Muscle Machine die cast toy. Although not a big rig, would it be kosher to post in progress pictures?
  7. Jetdriver69

    Pete 378 based hot rod

    About as much body work as on a real car...
  8. Jetdriver69

    Pete 378 based hot rod

    Since I had almost an entire Revell 378 kit left over from my last project (due to my wife's dachshund puppy eating the left cab door), I decided to make a hot rod based on the front cab clip from the 378 but upscaled to 1/18 scale. The cab was chopped, channeled, lowered, sectioned and lengthened. The body work alone took about 3 months of on and off design and fabrication. The truck is a fantasy hot rod team hauler for the FC Dallas pro soccer team, which a friend is part owner. I used parts off a Muscle Machine 57 Chevy and fabricated everything else from sheet styrene. The paint has a gloss white primer coat with multiple coats of team red and blue. I cleared it 4 times, wet sanding between coats. I plan on mounting the model on a piece of railroad grass with a soccer penalty half circle painted on to the grass and topped with an acrylic cover. Anyway, below is some before and after photos.
  9. Jetdriver69

    Mack Quarry truck

    I've seen many vehicles that are in worse shape in Africa, including aircraft.
  10. Jetdriver69

    Hotrod trucks sitting on a shelf...

    The last one is an aviation crew transport truck based on a 1930's C cab. This one was my first model so modifications were kept to a minimum. Just a resin blown V8 substituted for the sorry engine that came with the kit.
  11. Jetdriver69

    Hotrod trucks sitting on a shelf...

    The fifth truck is an aviation fire truck based on a 1920's fire truck called the Fire Iron. I heavily bodied this truck making it 4 wheel drive, adding a cab over the drivers seat and adding the water tank and fire hoses.
  12. Jetdriver69

    Hotrod trucks sitting on a shelf...

    The fourth truck is an aviation maintenance truck based on a 1926 Mack Bulldog. The kit was called the Beer Wagon. I made the wood bed and fence rails, added the aviation parts and tool box and made the trailer with Jet Oil barrel.
  13. Jetdriver69

    Hotrod trucks sitting on a shelf...

    The third truck is based on a 1930's fuel truck called the Li'l Gasser. I heavily modified this truck with different engine, metal fenders, gas tank, old time gas pump at the rear and fuel hose.
  14. Jetdriver69

    Hotrod trucks sitting on a shelf...

    The second model is an oil drilling truck based on a 1930's Ford pickup truck. I added two supercharged engines, made it 4 wheel drive and the drilling platform was scratch built.
  15. Although this might not be the best forum for these models, they are trucks. Hopefully it is ok to post these pictures. I completed a line of Marathon Oil (used to be an employee) models a few years back and I forgot they were sitting on a shelf in my son's room. Anyway there are six different models. The first installment will be a Marathon Oil company armored car which I envisioned would protect the oil facilities in Africa. Yeah I had a lot of time on my hands at one time... The model's suspension is from a 1980's 1/24 scale monster truck with the body scratch built from sheet styrene. The plans for the body are from a 1930's Russian armored truck, the BA-64. The gun turret is a trimmed top off of a spray paint can. All the decals are custom printed.