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  1. Cornbinder

    1982 Peterbilt 359 Custom

    I really need to get back on this thing. 😒
  2. Cornbinder

    Road Boss Custom

    I love it. Some very simple changes on an uncommon rig add up to an unmistakable design.
  3. I recently nabbed three Italeri parts packs and thought I'd take some photos and show people what's in the boxes. We'll begin with 720- Truck Accessories for European and American trucks. On the box top we see illustrations of what's included- various parts and three figures depicting Waylon Jennings, your creepy uncle, and former BBC Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond. This sprue contains some mirrors, mud flaps, sides to an underbody tool compartment, and a road hazard triangle. There's also a very nice bottle jack. Here's the engraved detail on the mud flaps close up. The other sprue contains more parts and some pieces to the figures. Here's a close up of the detail on the bolt cutter and some of the air fittings. I consider this kit worht buying due to the chromed smokestacks and cast six-spoke wheels shown here, but you also get some nice air horns, a variety of lights, and more. Clear lenses are also included, along with coated wire for use as air and electrical lines. Lots of decal graphic choices, though the US plates are way too large- they might look about right on a 1:16 scale vehicle. The European plates look much closer to correct in size. 764's box art is similar, showing what is included. Among much more, here you get another Michelin man as well as what appears to be the love child of the Big Boy logo and the Elephant Man. You also get not one but TWO creepy uncle figures! Someone at Italeri must be very fond of Bibendum, aka The Michelin Man. If you're thinking this one doesn't seem to include as many pieces as 720, you're right. The chrome sprue gets the job done, and includes plated cab lights with separate clear orange lenses. Sadly- the clear parts sprue is missing from my particular example. The decal sheet is simple but contains some interesting and useful markings. The topless blonde graphics are a nice touch. Lastly, we have my personal favorite, 776. This is the third example of this kit I have gotten over the years. I struck out on this one. I'll explain why later. This sprue is dominated by the lift gate components, and the six spoke cast wheels. Here's the detail present on the cast wheels, and some of the lift gate components. Here we have the components for the Effer knuckle-boom crane. This one is molded in a red-orange, the other two I've had were molded in gray and orange, respectively. Here's where I struck out. The first two of these I bought had the soft vinyl Michelins. This one has the old two-piece plastic Michelins. Perhaps this is an earlier issue of the kit? And the decals- most of these are for the crane but the lift gate is not overlooked.
  4. Cornbinder

    Closed Facebook Account

    Welcome back! Yeah- Facebook can be about as bad as junior high. Nowhere near as bad as Twitter but still.
  5. Cornbinder

    1960 GMC Cracker Box

    Sucks about the visor, but I love the finished tractor.
  6. Cornbinder

    66 Dodge LNT 1000 Wrecker

    Only Dodge in the '70's could have made a giant box look that cool. Love that color combo.
  7. Cornbinder

    1950 Ford F-8 Big Job

    I need to do something like this one of these days.
  8. Cornbinder

    1960 GMC Cracker Box Build 10/1

    Sha;ing up well. I need to get a Crackerbox going one of these days.
  9. Cornbinder

    37 Chevrolet Road Tractor

    Love it! It would look great set up on a lowboy being pulled by a restored tractor.
  10. Cornbinder

    Peterbilt 359 (Revell 1/25)

    Always nice to see one of these detailed.
  11. Cornbinder

    37 Chevrolet Road Tractor

    Best use I've seen for the old Orange Blossom cab. I need to do an F-600 barn find one of these days.
  12. Cornbinder

    1960 GMC Cracker Box Build 10/1

    Shaping up nicely!
  13. Cornbinder

    Poor old AutoCar

    I love it! One of these days I plan to try something similar with a Diamond Reo. Along the lines of this...
  14. Cornbinder

    Autocar DC9964

    This started out with the dump truck kit, naturally. I wanted to get this one done before that kit got reissued too. I converted it into a tractor by cutting about a scale foot and a half from the wheelbase, adding a deck plate, and a fifth wheel. I also used the fenders from the Mack DM 600. The engine was upgraded to a turbo using the NTC parts still included in the kit, and an intake tube borrowed from a Western Star.
  15. Cornbinder

    Bandag Defience build. 8/12 up date

    Nice! This already has way more fab work than most of my finished models.