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  1. 41CHEVY

    1983 IH F-2674 Tri-axle Dump

    You got the look 100%. Fantastic.
  2. 41CHEVY

    New AMT??

    AMT and Italeri Trailer being 1/24 is one Italeri trailers 53' or 40' course it could be miss marked Mobius Reefer
  3. 41CHEVY

    New AMT??

    Saw pre order for what I thought was some new AMT. Revell/Italeri 1/24 Reefer Trailer and a 1/24 Peterbilt. Seems to be reboxed under AMT. :(
  4. Here is an alternative for you from the Sterling Factory. You CAN use the AutoCar rears in place of chain drives. Paul.
  5. 41CHEVY

    Mack R685ST

    Great looking chassis!! Paul
  6. Hees a few photos of a 1940's 1950's Sterling drive set up. The differential is in the center of the 2 axles. Look at Tamiya, Top Studio and Model Factory Hiro, they make a few 1/12 and 1/16 scale Motorcycle chain and sprocket set up detail sets. https://www.hiroboy.com/112_Motorcycle_Chain_Set__P941--product--2135.html
  7. I generally use the AMT Autocars for any of the non Pete, KW Mack or IH kitsconversions paul
  8. These are some conversions from AITM ,they are resin and pewter. https://aitruckmodels.com/product-category/conversionkits/ https://aitruckmodels.com/product/mack-lmswl/ https://aitruckmodels.com/product/sterling-hc-175/ https://aitruckmodels.com/product/1940-autocar/ https://aitruckmodels.com/product/corbitt-25-td/ https://aitruckmodels.com/product/diamond-t-950/
  9. 41CHEVY

    Italeri DAF XF 105 Smoky Jr

    Looks much better in the white. Paul
  10. 41CHEVY

    International 4200 built in 1989

    Still a fine looking build. I like it. Paul
  11. 41CHEVY

    Roadway Mack B67 with Contour Cab

    Going to be nice when done. Drove one once, I'm over 6 feet with size 13 shoes and glove size is XXL, My head hit the roof and the cab back and the wheel was in my waist. Never would have made it in their era.
  12. Classic paint scheme on a classic truck. Paul
  13. 41CHEVY

    Mack R685ST

    Coming along nicely. I recently finished a R but made it an earlier steel dash , short cab unit. Like them as real and models (I own and drive a Marmon tho )
  14. 41CHEVY

    C Cab panel truck hot rod

    Impressive! and Big.
  15. 41CHEVY

    KW 900

    Nice ,super clean build. I like it! Paul