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  1. 41CHEVY

    Mack Terrapro

    Got quite a bit more done as I was home for 3 days. Got the cab tilt done, air cleaner assembly, muffler, catalytic converter and regen unit fitted up. Cut down a pup trailer to 24 feet and test fitted it. Made up front bumper mounts and widened a DM 800 bumper to fit. Working up a pair of fuel tanks and a Uria tank for it now. Paul Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
  2. Clean the brass and the solder flux off as well as possible and than a few coats of Dupli Color or other automotive self etching primer. Most are available in spray cans. BE SURE TO WEAR A MASK when using it as it is bad for your lungs and such when airborne due to the etching acid in it. Gee, don't be reluctant to show your work, everbody has to start at some level and you may get a few tips but not any ragging on your work. We have a great bunch of people here who are better than that. Paul
  3. 41CHEVY

    New member

    Welcome! sounds like a cool project . We like phohto's here ... hint , hint.
  4. 41CHEVY

    Paystar Tractor Restoration

    Yellow is a good Binder Color! Wood on the trailer deck is easy, just like doing a house deck only less stressful.
  5. 41CHEVY

    Mack Terrapro

  6. 41CHEVY

    Mack Terrapro

    -Here is as it stands this morning. Paul Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
  7. 41CHEVY

    Mack Terrapro

    Got a bit more work done on the MP7 and the M Drive, some bits and a ton of bolts and the common rail injector feed. I also got the motor mounts made to test the fit under the cab interior tub. Than today I finished up the chassis and engine to put on some paint. That was a spur of the moment idea for paint so no photos until tomorrow when I get home from Nova Scotia. Paul
  8. 41CHEVY

    Chevrolet Titan

    Both look excellent. The choice of colors is good, eye catching.
  9. 41CHEVY

    12v71DD powered mack RS-771L

  10. 41CHEVY

    12v71DD powered mack RS-771L

    The show at the Mack plant, it is also always at the Balston spa NY show.
  11. 41CHEVY

    New from pa

    Welcome to the forum and back to the very addictive hobby.
  12. 41CHEVY

    12v71DD powered mack RS-771L

    Very nice work on a cool truck. The Blue one in your thread is owned Mark Hothmer from the KIngston, NY it's a 1974 , just so you know it has the Plus-3 cab so it would not have the steel dash. 1972 was the last year of the short R cab and the steel dash. You can do the early cab by using the rear panel and the roof from the DM600 or the DM800. I have a video of that truck coming into the Macungie Mach show last year. I'll post it if you would like. Here is a few pic from the show of the drivers side I posted on the BMT site a few years ago. I have some of the lengthened cowl area, I'll find them also if you like. Paul
  13. 41CHEVY

    Mack Terrapro

    Chassis is coming along,with a 220" wheel base. I have the suspension on and need to finish some brackets, stiffening plating and add some Tiche bolts and rivets. Machined PVC down to the diameter I need for the fuel tanks and Uria tank. Made them slip fit into an other piece of PVC pipe which I will machine down the wall thickness to 3/64" than I'll use my micro saw to slice off 8 pieces to split for tank brackets. Last I started to rough up a MP7 Mack engine from an old R model block. Still need to cut off bell housing to make the "modern" style one and rough up a M-drive for it. I'll make it nice after all the major parts are fabbed up. The part I dread is the DPF and exhaust unit. Paul Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki