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  1. discodave

    1/32 AMT Kenworth W900 Aerodyne

    Nice build!
  2. discodave

    1983 IH F-2674 Tri-axle Dump

    Looks great!
  3. discodave

    New AMT??

    .... interesting. Thanks. If it’s a reissue of this trailer, builds up decent.
  4. discodave

    New AMT??

    Any screenshot of the kits? I’m curious about the scale and AMT connection.
  5. Those salvage yard pics are cool! I hope you can make it all work out, with the rotating gear. Would be unique.
  6. Broke out the piggy bank after looking at the web site... lol! One of each please.
  7. discodave

    Italeri DAF XF 105 Smoky Jr

    Pretty cool!
  8. discodave

    International 4200 built in 1989

    Day cab, working man’s truck! For an older build, I dig it! Have one in the stash... day cab planned. Nice one.
  9. discodave

    Roadway Mack B67 with Contour Cab

    Love these Mack bodies! Early hot rod era with a diesel burner engine. Best of both worlds. Looks great so far!
  10. Nice redo... sounds like this build has some history!
  11. discodave

    K.W. COE Hot Rod

    I like it!
  12. discodave

    Western Star and skateboards

    Nice work!
  13. discodave

    My new project 1970's style

    Your masking held pretty good! Nothing worse than major bleed through on second spray. Many tears shed over that.... lol! Keep having fun
  14. discodave

    KW 900

    Oh man, a Mack in the KW area AND it’s a workbench pic..... what was I thinking? Sorry