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  1. discodave

    So Whatcha workin' on???

    Flat green base with turn signal amber top coats.
  2. discodave

    So Whatcha workin' on???

    Thanks guys!
  3. discodave

    So Whatcha workin' on???

    I’m still lurking on the chat.... trying to get motivation to finish my AMT Mack R. Been working on it on and off forever plus a long time.... haha! Real life keeps pulling me away, doesn’t help.
  4. discodave

    Building new Workshop 4 bare walls

    Man.... I am super late to this party but, horseshoe bench and a rolling chair.
  5. discodave

    Custom sleepers

    Hello Tom. Have you searched resin model truck kits or parts? I would suggest that if not.
  6. discodave

    Old trucks like me

    Nice to meet you sir, via internet of course. Never been into the train scene, but do appreciate the technique of weathering and look of well used equipment. I will be looking fwd to seeing your additions here. Take care!
  7. discodave

    Pete 377

    Good to hear from you. No updates, sad to say. I moved from Washington state to Arizona at the end of June. Still in renter limbo right now, no real model space. And the move put a hurt on the paint work. It was close to finish too.
  8. discodave

    K.W. 953 and Friends.

    So cool!!! Great job on the scratch building.
  9. discodave


    YEAH!! Bighorn baby! By any chance is that a Viper blue? Cool
  10. discodave

    Cummins power

    Finally had a few minutes to get those pictures for you Driptroit..... hope these help.... and thanks!
  11. discodave

    Cummins powered "50 Chevy

    I know, it only has 4 tires........ got permission to post.
  12. discodave

    Oshkosh M915 semi

    Very cool, I can't wait to see what is the plan.......
  13. discodave

    MACK DMM Putzmmiester 58m Conrete pumper

    Whoa..... cool!! That was a scratch build exercise huh?
  14. discodave

    1973 Road Commander Aerodyne

    Interesting, very nice work on the roof modification, looks great!