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    Hi Dave both kits ordered and looking to get it built ,cheers Mel
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    Yup you got it thats the one i want looks like some conversion work to do or is that how it makes up,i want one please
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    Hi i am new to this site and i am looking to buy a logging truck kit if there is one hopefully someone knows if there is such a thing Cheers Mel
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    Hi i live in Norfolk in the UK i am 72 yrs old and i have been building model for going on 45 yrs,my main interest is 1/12 F1 cars and some older Le Mans cars,i am a marshal in the UK and also at Le Mans thats where the interest comes from.I thought i would try something a little different so i have built a couple of trucks and enjoyed it,i have recently been over to the USA and stayed with friends in Hood River Oregon and on our tours out and about i got the bug again and would now like to model a logging truck and trailer,if anyone knows of such a kit i would love to buy one,i recently came upon this site and thought it is a great way to chat to modelers who like the same things Many thanks Mel