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  1. Bully

    KW T800 with load

    Badass rig
  2. Bully

    Just joined

    Thanks Tbill...almost finished my first one I will post it as soon as its done
  3. Thanks for posting this..Ive looked at these kits often and wondered exactly what was included
  4. Bully

    67 Freightliner

    As a kid my neighbor had one and hauled grain...It looked just like this one very similar in color ,Nice build
  5. Bully

    Freightliner COE Resto-mod

    This rig is clean! That color looks perfect
  6. Bully

    Western Star Log Hauler

    Looks realistic to me..Sulphur La not far from me
  7. Bully

    transtar ll 4070f

    Beautiful build,,great work on the paint I like the color choices
  8. Bully

    1965 Ford F100 Utility truck.

    Ive always loved this body style..You did a great job on it and nice work on the tools in the bed
  9. Bully

    why trucks?

    I always loved trucks,when I was a kid my dad owned dump trucks and hauled dirt and gravel,2 old Internationals,Growing up he got me into building model cars and bought me the Diamond Reo truck and loved building it,Continued building until I got my license and got away from building through high school and went to work in the oilfield.Saw lots of nice rigs and eventually became a driver and still doing that deal behind the wheel today.When I got back into building fell immediately back in love with building these big rigs and love the kits that are available..been around them my whole life and now that Im back into modeling I plan on ordering lots more and building,I have seen so many BA builds on here and am so impressed with the quality these guys do on their builds.Im glad to be a part of this community again.
  10. Bully

    Pete 378 and lowboy

    Looks great...that trailer is nice!!.I use to drive a rig similar to this but your Pete is much nicer lol
  11. Bully

    Just joined

    Glad to be aboard Sir...Ill post what I build..being safe this week not on the road due to this storm in the Gulf
  12. Bully

    Just joined

    Thanks Sam...Its amazing how this hobby is still here with all the great builds
  13. Bully

    Prostar and custom refer trailer

    Nice work...I like the matching color on the trailer and the siding looks sweet
  14. Bully

    Lonestar and smoothy trailer

    Truck came out great and the detail you did on the trailer is spot on
  15. Bully

    Pete 377 A/E and flatbed

    Great detail on this rig..That trailer is awesome Id love to have one for a 378 build I have