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  1. Bully

    Mack R685ST

  2. Bully

    Mack R685ST

    Thanks Paul,the colors are from a Rig moving company I worked around years ago when I was hauling drilling mud...learned a lot from them thought I would show a lil respect lol
  3. Bully

    Mack R685ST

    Thanks,it was a lot harder build than I anticipated but had a great time doing it
  4. Bully

    Mack R685ST

    Thanks Sam
  5. Bully

    Mack R685ST

    Finally finished the Mack....definitely a learning experience for me.
  6. Bully

    new here

    Welcome Scott
  7. Bully

    Mack R685ST

    Thanks Paul
  8. Bully

    Mack R685ST

    Thanks Tbill...taking my time with it
  9. Bully

    Mack R685ST

    Slowly coming along
  10. Bully

    Mack R685ST

  11. Bully

    Mack R685ST

    Thanks,Im enjoying the build its just hard to find the time lately to work on it
  12. Bully

    KW 900

    Thanks Driptroit
  13. Bully

    Western Star and skateboards

    Love it!..I wish I had me one of those flatbeds
  14. Bully

    K.W. COE Hot Rod

    This is so nice,,,love the color
  15. Bully

    Ford LN 9000 OTR

    Ive always liked these trucks,very popular with the grain haulers down here