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  1. I finally finished it...for now... I may go back and touch up a few thing. I built this truck for an online contest over at The Unfinished Big Rig Model Truck Club on Facebook. I didn't fair as well in the voting as I hoped it would. Maybe I'll do better next time. Regardless, it was a great learning experience. The concept was to create a resto-mod COE Freightliner. I started with a fresh AMT COE Freightliner Kit. All other lifted parts were salvaged from the parts box. Chassis: Frame stretch using the rails from an AMT Peterbilt. Air ride suspension from an Italeri FLD 120 Engine: Cummins engine from an Italeri FLD 120 modified into an N14 (new heads, valve covers, fuel pump, etc.). Air to air setup was added to the radiator. Plumbing and hoses were built from the parts box and misc. wire. Clamps chrome sticker. Cab: Scratch built visor. Snap Pete mirrors. Rear fenders: Scratch built. Fifth wheel: ROG Peterbilt. Deck plates and rear light panel: scratch built from styrene Cab Steps: Scratch built. Fuel tanks: Stretched using like tanks from parts box. Air cleaners: ROG Peterbilt. Scratch built piping and parts box plumbing. Stack tops: Tubing wrapped in chrome sticker. Air Lines: Earl Miller. Wheels and tires: Mobius.
  2. Great looking build. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Casey

    1983 IH F-2674 Tri-axle Dump

    Fantastic build. The bed even has a few dents/creases in it...very nice!
  4. Casey

    K.W. COE Hot Rod

    Very cool! Great Job!
  5. Casey

    "Food Lion" Brockway 457 Daycab

    Fantastic build!! COE Brockway! Very nice. As always, fantastic build quality.
  6. Casey

    Mack Terrapro

    Iisay yes and nice build!
  7. Casey

    A few thanks are in Order

    I just wanted to make a quick note to say thank you to the admins at Model Truck Discussion, Model Truck Mafia, Building Big Rigs Tips and how did you do it and Model Trucks Other Than Pete or KW for allowing me advertise MTB.com in their Facebook groups. Thank you to those that have given me permission to post images of their builds in the gallery, to those who have added their own images and to those who have posted in the forums. Finally, thanks to all who have visited and/or registered. I hope you find your way here often, contribute content when and where you can, and most importantly, find the site useful and enjoyable. Please do not hesitate to let me know what I can do to make MTB.com better. --Casey
  8. Casey

    Here are some of my favorites:

    This post was originally posted in the blog on 5 Oct.
  9. Casey

    New Guy

    This post was originally posted in the Blog on January 26.
  10. Casey

    So Whatcha workin' on???

    Love that chassis color!
  11. Casey

    Hello everyone, new kid on the block here

    Welcome Kerry! Glad to have you with us!
  12. Casey

    1978 Mack U-Model "Overnight"

    Spot on as usual. Thanks for sharing!
  13. I have made several attempts at bending aluminum tubing to but have been unsuccessful in doing so without getting a flat spot in the bend. Can someone share a method that works or suggest and alternate material/procedure? --Casey
  14. Casey

    Western Star 4964

    Lookin' good. The trailer wheels look killer,
  15. Casey

    CF set up

    Clunker? I am certainly having an issue finding fault with it. Very nice!
  16. Casey

    New Member from MA

    Welcome to MTB. Looking forward to seeing your projects. Let us know if we can be of help. --Casey
  17. Casey


    Welcome to MTB! We look forward to seeing your work. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you. --Casey
  18. Casey

    Ford Model AA truck

    Beautiful work. I would suggest going with the stake bed but judging by your progress thus far, I'm sure which ever route you take will turn out fantastic.
  19. Casey

    Road Boss Custom

    You forgot to mention the bumper which is a nice touch as well. Thanks for sharing.
  20. I'm going to need some for a planned project so I thought I would give building one a shot. The inside of the fender is 1.1" wide (27.5") they are a tight fit on the ROG Peterbilt and AMT Autocar wheels/tires but I think they will be okay. Any thoughts on the inside width and/or the overall look? --Casey
  21. Casey

    Full Fenders

    Just laid some paint on my full fender master. A little clear and some final "slicking up" and I will be ready to make the mold. I'm hoping to finish them in time for the new year.
  22. Casey

    Just joined

    That thing is a looker! Can't wait to see more! --Casey
  23. I haven't seen @Joris on here in a long time. I'll reach out to him and see if he can reload the images.