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  1. Casey

    New Member from MA

    Welcome to MTB. Looking forward to seeing your projects. Let us know if we can be of help. --Casey
  2. Casey


    Welcome to MTB! We look forward to seeing your work. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you. --Casey
  3. Casey

    Ford Model AA truck

    Beautiful work. I would suggest going with the stake bed but judging by your progress thus far, I'm sure which ever route you take will turn out fantastic.
  4. Casey

    Road Boss Custom

    You forgot to mention the bumper which is a nice touch as well. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I'm going to need some for a planned project so I thought I would give building one a shot. The inside of the fender is 1.1" wide (27.5") they are a tight fit on the ROG Peterbilt and AMT Autocar wheels/tires but I think they will be okay. Any thoughts on the inside width and/or the overall look? --Casey
  6. Casey

    Full Fenders

    Just laid some paint on my full fender master. A little clear and some final "slicking up" and I will be ready to make the mold. I'm hoping to finish them in time for the new year.
  7. Casey

    Just joined

    That thing is a looker! Can't wait to see more! --Casey
  8. I haven't seen @Joris on here in a long time. I'll reach out to him and see if he can reload the images.
  9. Anyone care to share a method for making rivets?
  10. Casey

    Poor old AutoCar

    Very cool! Fantastic detail and weathering. You guys never fail to inspire me.
  11. Casey

    Autocar DC9964

    Very nice!
  12. Casey

    66 Dodge LNT 1000 Wrecker

    Love it and since I'm a Tennessee boy, you can't go wrong with orange and white! #GOBIGORANGE #VFL
  13. Casey

    Peterbilt 359 (Revell 1/25)

    Fantastic work! Please keep us updated on its progress.
  14. Casey

    37 Chevrolet Road Tractor

    Man that thing look fresh off the farm, or maybe not so fresh off the farm. Either way, nice detail, weathering and presentation. I dig it!
  15. Casey

    Another newbie

    Welcome to the reality of forums since the advent of Facebook groups (they have even slowed over the summer.) I agree that it could be a real nice place and as long as there are a few that reply and a few lurkers, I'll keep it running. Thanks for sharing your builds. They look real nice. I hope you'll stick around! Casey
  16. Casey

    37 Chevrolet Road Tractor

    Lookin' good! When I get settled in my new place, I think I will give a similar project a shot. --Casey
  17. Pictorial "how to" posted with permission of Mike Roux.
  18. Casey

    Just joined

    That is horrible. Unfortunately, I do not have any spare Italeri stuff. I would suggest asking on one of the Facebook groups. I'm sure some will have one to give/sell you. Please keep us updated on the build. --Casey
  19. Casey

    1980 LNT 9000

    Nice looking outfit. Great job!
  20. Casey

    Slider 1.jpg

    © Earl Miller

  21. Casey

    Closed Facebook Account

    Glad to have you back with us Mike. There are many advantages to Facebook but there are also plenty of risk that comes along with it. I am convinced that a site(s) like this one is better suited for our hobby than the FB groups. Maybe others will make the same decision that you have and decide to contribute. Regardless, I plan to maintain this site for those of us that enjoy it. --Casey
  22. Casey


    Welcome to MTB! Please let me know if you need any assistance with the site's features or if you have any suggested site additions/improvements. Glad to have you back in the hobby and glad to have you with us. --Casey
  23. Casey

    Just joined

    Have you seen these? They are very close to the ones on the truck and they are very available. --Casey