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    This is an old photo of my OTR. Cumins 400h.p. Big Cam, Road Ranger 18 speed, 210 inch wheelbase. 1985 Marmon model 57 P. Hosted on Fotki
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    Flat green base with turn signal amber top coats.
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    Been working on this one since last October. Last of detailing was finished today with the addition of the ladders, pike pole, some running board brackets, pump cans, CO2 extinguishers, etc. 🙂
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    This one is meant to represent a restored fleet truck. It is a combination of the DM 600 kit and the R-Model kit. The rear tires, wheels and suspension are from A.I.T.M. IMG_4453 by Brian Smith, on Flickr IMG_4446 by Brian Smith, on Flickr IMG_4462 by Brian Smith, on Flickr IMG_4475 by Brian Smith, on Flickr IMG_4482 by Brian Smith, on Flickr Here is the Inspiration truck: IMG_8545 by Brian Smith, on Flickr
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    Thank ya Casey! Glad to be with like minded guys like ya all!! ☺️
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    Dang!!! That is a beaut!!! Love your work!!
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    Top notch work! Looks Awesome!
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    Looking good Doc, good to see you here😎
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    I like to use drinking straws from Culver’s or Arby’s as they are bigger bore and close to a 8 or 10 inch stack. McDonald’s for smaller diameter stacks. Then I use Plastic (Evergreen or Plastetruct) to make the elbows and foil or paint them.
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    Yes and yes. And thanks, got the rest of the decals on the rig,
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    The gold letters on the trailer? Where did you get them? Paul
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