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    Love it! The color combo really sets it off.
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    WoW! That would have been hard on the drivers in that beast.
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    That is one sweeet....smelling....rig. 😁
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    Looks good! I was just looking at real truck yesterday keep it going
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    Yeah me too I’m just 50 but I still need to be a little younger This September I’ll be driving 30 years I don’t think I could handle that right now
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    Thanks Doc. The real one looked good also. Something about a Root Beer Brown Diamond Reo and a Autocar I like
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    That's going to be a sweet look T. It looks longer than mine, been so long I had to take a good look to see if I shortened the wheel base. Apparently not. I didn't know the kits had different chassis in different reissues. I'm going to start a thread so it can be seen also. The real trucks are being made as glider kit by a company called T Line supposedly by next year. Now if only the Marmon Company would return so I could retire my OTR and get a new one that would allow me into Cali. Paul.
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    Glad to see you bring it out and wash it off. Bet it feels good to get it back on the bench.
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    Looks nice, glad to see you are back on it. I'm working on one right now that root beer color also. Been on and off it for quite a few years.
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    I have seen so many of these boom trucks in Wyoming. Even used one once to pull an engine. You nailed it Paul !
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    Hello folks Attached here are a few pics of my attempt at the Duel Peterbilt 281, 1959 , a truck that has been at the back of my mind as a model to make ever since I saw that marvellous movie. The drawings are lifted from a free download card model from "Paperoom.blog" which i printed onto 8ogsm paper and stuck to thin brass sheet for cutting out. there were many compromises needed between the method for a card model and construction in brass. If I had worked some things out first, some parts would have been easier, some parts harder - swings and roundabouts - but i'm learning. Brass used was mainly 0.2 and 0.1 mm thick, plus some angle and hollow rectangular tube provided by K & S Chicago IL. To be honest, i feel that to get the best effect, a great deal of car body filler and auto spray paints (as suggested by Paul, CHEVY 41 - thanks again Paul) will be consumed before I can pronounce the model well and truly finished. But as my wife says in moments of despondency " it is a hobby after all" Some soldering was fairly easy if not very tidy, but other, smaller parts have had to be glued using epoxy resin, due to heat making bits adjacent fall off. I've been at it on and off for about four months now, but quite pleased withe progress so far. Wheels and tires were hard to find, but eventually I found a chap who does hardwood turned wheels the right diameter, and I only needed to turn them to a narrower section in my own small lathe to give them the period look -still need to finish off the blackening of the "tires"My 4 yr old grandson has his eyes on it already, he's seen the movie ,too, but he'll have to wait till Grandad drops off the perch before getting his hands on it ! kind regards all
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    I'm a fan of all Detroit Diesels. I'm finishing up a pair right now (I usually start a few kits a week or two apart) One 6V71 and the other 8V71 powered.
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    This thing is off the charts ! I hate to ask what's next on the bench, each one seems to be better than the one before.
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    Thanks Doc! Thanks Paul! I'm afraid that 6-71s are my favorite!
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    Very nice work. I like the 6/71 power. Rarely see any Brocks built. Paul
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    Thank ya Brian, good to see you here too.