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    Looks realistic to me..Sulphur La not far from me
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    I always loved trucks,when I was a kid my dad owned dump trucks and hauled dirt and gravel,2 old Internationals,Growing up he got me into building model cars and bought me the Diamond Reo truck and loved building it,Continued building until I got my license and got away from building through high school and went to work in the oilfield.Saw lots of nice rigs and eventually became a driver and still doing that deal behind the wheel today.When I got back into building fell immediately back in love with building these big rigs and love the kits that are available..been around them my whole life and now that Im back into modeling I plan on ordering lots more and building,I have seen so many BA builds on here and am so impressed with the quality these guys do on their builds.Im glad to be a part of this community again.
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    Dolly in paint and tires and wheels starting to go on now... Auslowe Resin wheels! Kenworth May be painted like the Pete or I’m thinking about building it like my friends W9. Either way the dolly will look good behind any truck!
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    2007 Mustang GT color from Duplicolor.
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    Looking really good!! Like the color on it!!!
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    I like it!! Nice work!!
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    Been getting a lot done on this and realized I haven’t posted progress pics here! Ugh 😑 Dolly is mostly together now. Getting ready for paint, wheels for it we’re painted tonight. Load is roughed in and needs bracing put in on it.. Brake lines and air lines on dolly.. Ahh! Who’s that ugly mug in the background!!??? Lol
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    Welcome aboard, look forward to seeing your builds.
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    Welcome! Good to have you here.
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    Welcome aboard Bob!! Glad to have ya here and can't wait to see what ya build!!
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    Welcome to the forum Bob!
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    Nice working truck, looks like she earns her keep!
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