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Jersee Jerry55

My new project 1970's style

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Hello all and hope everyone's well. Started a new project that I have had for a couple of years. Got into Class 8 vehicles back in 1975 at a New York State Regional Truck Rodeo. Was totally taken in and have loved these vehicles since then. Have had an AMT KW K123 laying around for a couple of years. Originally I had painted her bright Yellow, with a Brown frame.  Along the way I had successfully glued in the rear suspension misaligned. therefore she sat for the better part of a year before I decided to approach this build again. Got a new suspension and other parts from a friend. removed the old suspension albeit losing some rivets on both sides of the frame in the process. Stripped the cab and frame paint. Added in the new suspension, and primed and repainted the cab. The pictures you see are where I am thus far. This is the first time I did a two tone paint job. I think it came out pretty good. The last picture is what I am patterning my project after. I just need to decide if I am doing 10 holes all around, or 10 holes on the fronts only and spokes on the drive axles. Also single or dual exhaust stacks.








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Your masking held pretty good! Nothing worse than major bleed through on second spray. Many tears shed over that.... lol! Keep having fun

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