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Pete 378 based hot rod

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Since I had almost an entire Revell 378 kit left over from my last project (due to my wife's dachshund puppy eating the left cab door), I decided to make a hot rod based on the front cab clip from the 378 but upscaled to 1/18 scale.  The cab was chopped, channeled, lowered, sectioned and lengthened.  The body work alone took about 3 months of on and off design and fabrication.

The truck is a fantasy hot rod team hauler for the FC Dallas pro soccer team, which a friend is part owner.  I used parts off a Muscle Machine 57 Chevy and fabricated everything else from sheet styrene.  The paint has a gloss white primer coat with multiple coats of team red and blue.  I cleared it 4 times, wet sanding between coats.

I plan on mounting the model on a piece of railroad grass with a soccer penalty half circle painted on to the grass and topped with an acrylic cover.

Anyway, below is some before and after photos.







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Im in the middle of a 1920's C Cab panel truck that is almost all custom.

Just using part of the frame from the 378 Pete and some chrome parts from another 1/18 scale Muscle Machine die cast toy.

Although not a big rig, would it be kosher to post in progress pictures?

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