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1967 Diamond T DAKAR Rally Truck

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Been working on this on and off for a few years. Dragged it out popped the Detroit 8V71T out and re painted the chassis Rootbeer. Fuel tanks are modified Mack units and the wheels and tires are from the AMT Ah64B Autocar. Assembled the interior that was painted a few years ago with a AMT Corvair Rally panel for the co driver, added the guard over the roof AC I made from brass with only a dozen or so tries. Playing now with the none dumping dump body that carried spare parts, oil, tires and 200 gallons of drinking water, 300 gallons of extra fuel.        Paul










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9 hours ago, Sam I am said:

An early support vehicle.  Cool! 

Funny how things change, now the support vehicles are part of the race. 

Not a support unit. It ran the full rally and beat many, many other vehicles entered.



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