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MACK E10 V12 11/15 update

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16 hours ago, Plybeep68 said:

Looking good ! What kind of putty do you use ?

That is Squadron White putty. I like it because it dries quick , sands easily and so far no shrinkage.

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 Got a major part of the fitting done. Had to add 3/16" into the injector pump and split the intakes into 3 pieces to add fillers to lengthen them. Still need to blend in the added intake runners. Made 5 pieces to lengthen the exhaust manifolds and make pipes to feed the turbo. Modified a 6 cylinder oil pan to fit the engine too. All the holes are drilled for the injector lines, fuel system, compressor air and coolant lines and Turbo lube and drain line.    Paul

DSCF0263-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki
DSCF0262-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki
DSCF0261-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki
DSCF0260-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki


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