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  2. Not much luck doing search. What I'd really like is a 1950's era log truck in 1:20 scale to use with that scale model logging railroad. Don't think I'll find that. On a gamble today, I picked up the AMT 1103 Peerless logging trailer in 1:25, new, $29. Could be OK in that scale, but am having trouble finding a suitable 1950's vintage truck to hook it up to that would match scale. AMT has a couple, but later years.......might have to adapt/bash???? Any tips/thoughts would be appreciated. Not much out there in older conventionals that I can find. Thanks, Dennis
  3. Love it! Big and round with style to spare😎
  4. She’s held up well, fine looking rig!
  5. discodave

    International 4200 built in 1989

    Day cab, working man’s truck! For an older build, I dig it! Have one in the stash... day cab planned. Nice one.
  6. discodave

    Roadway Mack B67 with Contour Cab

    Love these Mack bodies! Early hot rod era with a diesel burner engine. Best of both worlds. Looks great so far!
  7. 41CHEVY

    International 4200 built in 1989

    Still a fine looking build. I like it. Paul
  8. 41CHEVY

    Roadway Mack B67 with Contour Cab

    Going to be nice when done. Drove one once, I'm over 6 feet with size 13 shoes and glove size is XXL, My head hit the roof and the cab back and the wheel was in my waist. Never would have made it in their era.
  9. This is a AITM Mack B67 I've painted and decaled in Roadway Express. The frame and wheels are from the AMT Mack R the tanks I got from AITM this is what I've got done so far. Enjoy the pics
  10. I build this back in 1989 a few parts are missing and the glass has aged but I still enjoy the old truck
  11. Tbill

    1970 Ford F100 4x4

    Great colors, those tires suit it very well
  12. Sam I am

    My new project 1970's style

    It will look great with the cab color.
  13. Jersee Jerry55

    My new project 1970's style

    Good afternoon. My packaging designer suggested the color for the frame. I kinda like it. Looks mid-1970’s ish.
  14. Jersee Jerry55

    My new project 1970's style

  15. Earlier
  16. Paul. thanks I love those east coast paint schemes Dave. thanks for the compliment. yes it does have some History I have also had the truck since 2003. I'll be glad to finish this one
  17. Nice redo... sounds like this build has some history!
  18. Classic paint scheme on a classic truck. Paul
  19. Thanks Doc Thanks Sam. Hope to get some more done this weekend
  20. Dr. Kerry

    Kenworth and Steer Car

    Thank ya!!
  21. Bully

    Mack R685ST

  22. Thanks Doc yes I really need to get the old girl back in shape and going to shows. Here’s a couple pic of her
  23. Thanks Doc I put the bed on yesterday
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